Mega metal

MEGA METAL d.o.o., a company built on family tradition whose history dates back to 1966.
The foundations of production of agricultural machines began Antun Novak by establishing a Locksmith Craft Workshop. Continuing his father’s tradition in 1998, production was taken over by the second generation – Stjepan Novak, who expands the business and product range called “Megametal”.
Leading the family business vision, the third generation – Tomica Novak founded 2010 a limited liability company “Mega metal d.o.o.”.

What we do

Plastic coating services

In addition to the main and basic business, the production of agricultural machines, we also offer the plastic coating service of product.

Laser cutting service

We offer precisely laser cutting service.

Production program

In the wide range of our production program we offer flail topper, tractory rotary cultivator, fertilizer spreaders, topper mower.


Our products: flail topper, tractor rotary cultivator, spreaders (fertilizer spreaders, salt spreaders, snow spreaders), topper mower (rotary mower).

Our best selling products

Flail topper

Topper is intended for use in all agricultural surfaces, for maintenance of green areas and neglected fields. It can be used to mulch harvest waste material as well as branches. The topper is of robust construction and is intended for intensive use.Topper is propelled from the tractor via cardan joint to reducer connection axis, from the transition axis to cogwheel in the reducer casing and through those to flails.

Fertilizer spreader

Fertilizer spreader (RG) is intended for spreading dry fertilizer and granulated fertilizer. It is constructed to enable uniform distribution in the entire width, and separately on the left and right sides.

Tractor rotary cultivator

The primary intended purpose of the tractor rotary cultivator is preparation of soil prior to sowing.
The shape of blades is such that they offer minimal soil resistance during operation, resulting in relatively easy operation of the rotary cultivator in the hardest of soils.
The blades extensively break the lumps, but do not create water impermeable layers of soil.

Topper mower

Topper mower is intended for mowing all kinds of grasses on cultivated surfaces. Possibility of mowing in vineyards and orchards and mulching the residual waste up to 3 cm thick. Possibility of mulching herbal residual waste in the fields.